VoIP+IAX Program Theory for OM

Bartlomiej Zdanowski [Zdanek] b.zdanowski at autoguard.pl
Thu Feb 21 19:54:38 CET 2008

Hi Kyle.

Kyle Bassett pisze:
> specified time.  If the user does not answer or a connection problem 
> persisted, then the asterisk server can forward the call to the user's 
> regular (OM or third party) cell line.
> --User can give one phone number to all contacts and have asterisk 
> decide how to handle the call (routing not just to the cell phones, 
> but to home lines, etc.)
The problem with forwarding call to land/cell line is that I as an owner 
of OM phone will pay for connection between asterisk and cell/land line 
operator because AFAIK no operator would handle incoming connection for 
free (at least in Poland). We have many SIP operators so it could be 
done but always I should pay for routing packets to my home/cell number.
It's like paying for incomming connections while abroad and in roaming.

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