VoIP+IAX Program Theory for OM

Kyle Bassett kylebassett at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 07:37:40 CET 2008

Thanks for all the input!

To clarify:
I have already set this this system up using linux/win/mac IAX clients and
it works great.  Reliability is very high (no failures within the 4 months
I've had it up) with my dedicated asterisk server running off my DSL
connection (QoS on with a linux router).  If the asterisk server cannot
reach me via a VoIP connection, it fallsback to calling my cell phone
number.  If the asterisk box fails for whatever reason, my VoIP provider has
a fallback number to dial as well.  The asterisk server just has a VoIP
account for inbound and outbound calls, no analog lines are connected.

The cost benefit here would be the ability to accept a lower plan from your
cell provider (possibly data-only when 3G is available?), or even use a
prepaid service with the smartphone.  I am currently using a per-minute
VoIP/POTS termination plan with no monthly fee, which works out to be much
cheaper with the lower cellular plan.

I have not wrote the application as of yet, I wanted to gauge interest for a
project like this.  If I do write this application, I would like to
implement encryption along the way.  In addition, I would set up an asterisk
box at our business location for testing within a larger userbase.  The
reason I prefer to use a full asterisk system is the ability to integrate it
within our business.

I prefer IAX over SIP because it is NAT routeable, whereas SIP has many
issues with firewall traversal.  In reality, the client should support both.

Keep it coming! :-)

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