VoIP+IAX Program Theory for OM

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On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Kyle Bassett <kylebassett at gmail.com>

> Thanks for all the input!
> To clarify:
> I have already set this this system up using linux/win/mac IAX clients and
> it works great.  Reliability is very high (no failures within the 4 months
> I've had it up) with my dedicated asterisk server running off my DSL
> connection (QoS on with a linux router).  If the asterisk server cannot
> reach me via a VoIP connection, it fallsback to calling my cell phone
> number.  If the asterisk box fails for whatever reason, my VoIP provider has
> a fallback number to dial as well.  The asterisk server just has a VoIP
> account for inbound and outbound calls, no analog lines are connected.
> The cost benefit here would be the ability to accept a lower plan from
> your cell provider (possibly data-only when 3G is available?), or even use a
> prepaid service with the smartphone.  I am currently using a per-minute
> VoIP/POTS termination plan with no monthly fee, which works out to be much
> cheaper with the lower cellular plan.
> I have not wrote the application as of yet, I wanted to gauge interest for
> a project like this.  If I do write this application, I would like to
> implement encryption along the way.  In addition, I would set up an asterisk
> box at our business location for testing within a larger userbase.  The
> reason I prefer to use a full asterisk system is the ability to integrate it
> within our business.
> I prefer IAX over SIP because it is NAT routeable, whereas SIP has many
> issues with firewall traversal.  In reality, the client should support both.
> Keep it coming! :-)
> -Kyle
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I think an IAX client for the OM is a really good idea.  My office is run
off of an Asterisk server, and I'd love to be able to make my cell phone
part of that system (that way no one knows if I'm at my desk or not...

As an additional note, the other reason IAX is better to SIP is that it
(generally) has lower bandwidth utilization. For those who are interested:

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