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Schmidt András asch at
Sun Feb 24 15:30:54 CET 2008


I am happy to announce the shiny new release of Yet Another Map 
Application - Yama in short :-).

Yama is capable of viewing maps on PC and on OpenMoko.
Some features:

    *  OFFLINE vector based maps in an own format optimized for viewer
    *  zoom, rotate(not implemented in SWT GUI yet), move around free
    *  compiler for OSM and Garmin(in format polish text) maps
    *  rendering template is stored in xml, can easily be edited
    *  can load any maps at the same time without performance degradation
    *  free software under GPL :-)

Yama is written in Java so you have to install Jalimo on your device to 
use it. See the quickstart wiki page:

    * To get it wok on your PC or OpenMoko see quickstart page on Yama's
    * There is an applet version that you can check out in a minute (you
      only need Java plugin 6 installed on your browser):
    * For some documentation see:
    * To compile the offline version of OSM for your area see:

There is no .ipk package yet. I will create that soon!
I would be happy to get feedback from you about the software!

I have no Neo device yet so this version was not tested on OpenMoko. 
Previous version was - I hope it still works.

Yama is still pre-alpha - work is in progress. I wonder the performance 
of floating point arithmetics on Neo with Jalimo. There is an 
undocumented command that runs a simple performance test. Would someone 
be so kind to execute it and send me the results? You can execute it 
with the following command:

$ java -jar yama.jar measure

Results on my notebook are:
process load binary file N 1000 takes: 462 millis
process transform to earth coordinates - N 1000 takes: 601 millis
process transform to screen N 1000 takes: 141 millis
process transform to screen using float N 1000 takes: 139 millis

On my Windows PDA (300MHz ARM) with MySaifu JVM the whole test runs for 
about 15 minutes. I hope Cacao (JVM of Jalimo) performs better on Neo 

Schmidt András

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