Virtual QWERTY Keyboards to be used with Fingers...

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Sun Feb 24 21:12:08 CET 2008

JW ha scritto:
> On 24/02/2008, Steven ** <montgoss+openmokocommunity at> wrote:
>> I found dasher to be very usable with a mouse.

Well, after few minutes of use I felt more confortable with it, but I'm 
always slower (I think) than using other mobile inputs...
Anyway while writing in english with it was much easy for me, it wasn't 
so with italian language (try to write the easy "Ciao" :o), so maybe the 
localized dictionaries should be improved (maybe simply with use?).

> 2) how did you get dasher to work on the desktop to try out.    i
> tried on desktop (ubuntu 7.10)
> sudo apt-get install dasher
> but there was an error at run time

That worked for me, btw I'm using feisty :/.

Btw, we're talking of Dasher in Openmoko, but... Has it been ported?
Because I don't know if it is so slow to use in a device with no 2d 
hardware acceleration...


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