How Alice and Bob got telephone/SMS spam on their Moko.

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Mon Feb 25 22:39:04 CET 2008

Heikki Sørum wrote:
> In my ideal world: Alice gets a OpenMoko, and then starts
> getting annoying calls from Peach Corporation that would like to sell
> here an Peach M-Phone. As Alice dislikes Peach Corporation, she tags
> any sms/mms and caller ID's with a "Marketing Call" tag.

One of my favorite features from is being able to tag 
numbers as spam which plays the "this number is no longer in service" 
tone and then the appropriate message about being a disconnected line.

Being able to do this within OpenMoko would be pretty slick too, though 
you won't really gain anything by marking SMS messages as spam -- you're 
still paying for the incoming message whether to tag it as spam or not, 
you'd only have the ability to place it within a 'spam' folder to review 

Anyone want to port SpamAssassin to OpenMoko? ;o)


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