How Alice and Bob got telephone/SMS spam on their Moko.

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> wrote:
> > Hi everyone! Today I got another proposal for useful
> >  applications that would make an open mobile outshine
> >  "oldsch00l" mobiles.
> While I've never thought of taking it that far, this is one of the
> prime reasons I will be getting an OM.  Most phones have very limited
> inbound call rules.  I'll setup certain phone numbers to always ring
> the phone, only allow unknown numbers to ring the phone during certain
> times, etc.
> --
> Steven Kurylo

Hi everyone!  Coming out of lurking mode...

Although I'm not sure I would like a blacklist coming from the Internet (for
all the scenarios that Heikki is invoking), I would definitely like a
flexible blacklist/whitelist mechanism, at the minimum being able to group
Contact entries into different groups and have ring overrides for some of
these groups in different profiles.

I'm thinking about different scenarios like: "during a meeting, don't ring
except if caller is in the VIP list" or "after business hours, ring for
anyone except if it's in a group called work".  I would guess it would make
more sense to have this done using a generic mechanism (something like:
create a new profile.  Select default ringer (on or off). Then, add
exception groups that should behave contrary to the default for the
profile).  This way, different users with different needs would be able to
get what they want.


Antoine Reid
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