How Alice and Bob got telephone/SMS spam on their Moko.

Joseph Booker joe at
Mon Feb 25 23:27:08 CET 2008

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 15:11:14 -0700
"Shawn Rutledge" <shawn.t.rutledge at> wrote:
> <recorded message> Your caller ID is blocked or turned off.  If you
> are a telemarketer, please be warned that we are registered with the
> national Do-Not-Call list and do not wish to receive marketing
> messages of any kind.  Otherwise please press 1 to leave a voice
> message, or enter your friend code.

Cell phones can be placed on the do-not-call list? It's already illegal
for telemarketers to call you on one (since you would be paying for
unsolicited advertising).

A blacklist for military or frat recruiters who regretfully obtained
the number legitimately would be pretty nice though.

SMS spam is one thing, but I'd wager individual blocking for calls is
more useful then block lists.

Joseph Jon Booker
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