Community update: Regarding Neo FreeRunner pre-orders

Thomas Christensen tc at
Tue Feb 26 10:17:47 CET 2008

Hello Gabriel,

> If I'm not totally mistaken, inside the EU sales to private consumers are
> taxed at the tax-rate of the seller's location.

It's a little more complicated than that.

"Businesses can be required to register for VAT in EU member states,
other than the one in which they are based, if they supply goods via
mail order to those states, over a certain threshold.", will charge me 25% Danish VAT, but
charges me 21% German VAT, as they don't ship much to Denmark (they
don't need to register in denmark, as they are small).

I can't remember what "a certain threshold" is, but I think it's
around 30.000€...

Best regards,
 Thomas                            mailto:tc at
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