Community update: Regarding Neo FreeRunner pre-orders

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Tue Feb 26 10:38:08 CET 2008

Marc Verwerft schrieb:
> Well, I live in Belgium and I can assure you that sales tax here is 21
> % as opposed to Germany's 16 % ...

It is 19% in Germany since 2007 ;(

> A lot of people are just crossing the border to Aachen/Koln to find
> 'cheaper' computer hardware (pc, pda, phone, digital camera's, ...)

If all works out well you will be able to buy the devices from germany
then, either from us or others who offer them. If you have a valid
European VAT ID you can even buy without VAT.

> Is there any other sales tax you are referring to then?

Well, there is of course customs that will add on the sales price - the
customs due from Taiwan into the EU of course, there is none within the EU.
The only major issue I still have is "EAR" (German term but also valid
for other European countries as far as I know), i.e. the "electronic
waste regulation". For Germany it means that I as a reseller have to
register (which is expensive!) at a piblic service center, tell them how
many kilograms of electronic waste I am going to bring into public
circulation (i.e. sell) and will then have to pay the waste dump cost
for this. Since the Neo is not that heavy it should not be that much but
the whole process is redicously complicated (and you have to deposit the
expected cost at the *beginning* of the year!). This process is valid
for all electronic devices you see nowadays with the crossed out
dust-bin symbol on them.
So this will also add to the sales price.

> Regards,
> Marc
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