Community update: Regarding Neo FreeRunner pre-orders

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Tue Feb 26 10:42:57 CET 2008

Tilman Baumann schrieb:
> Marc Verwerft wrote:
>> Well, I live in Belgium and I can assure you that sales tax here is 21
>> % as opposed to Germany's 16 % ...
> 16% Not anymore... :(
> But as afar as i know, you can sell inside the EU to other EU countries
> and tax where they buyer lives.
> Don't ask me how, but i think there is something like that.

That is not that easy.
The other party has to have a valid EU VAT ID which usually only
businesses have. If you sell to private people without VAT you will get
into trouble with your own VAT declaration.
This was once possible before the EU VAT ID was implemented but also
caused a lot of trouble - since it reqiured that the customers then has
to VAT tax it in his country afterwards.
What is usually done for private customers is that the invoice will
state that the "place of change of ownership" (formal: place of change
of risk) is the originating country. Everything after that is the
responsibility of the customer.

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