How Alice and Bob got telephone/SMS spam on their Moko.

Flemming Richter Mikkelsen quatrox at
Tue Feb 26 18:04:27 CET 2008

If we don't need white/gray/black listing, we could look at the SMS'es
as network trafikk. If we did that, we would think about a firewall
and could block, drop or nat in iptables. This would only apply to
phone numbers (single or defined groups) and we could specify what
kind of trafic we would block (SMS, calls, data) both incomming and
outgoing (useful if someone borrows the phone). Of course it would
need a little front-end, but that would be easy to make.

By adding an iptables kernel module, we could have something that
would be more than good enough for most of us. We would also have a
high cohesion (all firewall stuff one place).

It is just one idea. I don't know how complicated it would be. (This
would need the gsm driver to be in the kernel, but I assume it is.)

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