questions about Neo FreeRunner

Shawn shelbydz87 at
Wed Feb 27 02:51:49 CET 2008

Hey All, 

I'm new to the list, but just had some general questions about this phone. If they're answered on- line somewhere, forgive me for asking here (I did a few hours of research but didn't find what I was looking for), and I welcome direction to the URL. 

Will this thing support mobile internet (like Edge or G3?) I saw support for G2.5, but wasn't sure if G3 was backwards compatible. 

Does anyone currently use a Neo on T-mobile's network? If so, do you have the data plan and does it work well (: 

Is there a list of standard software features that will be installed on the phone? Everything I saw seemed to outline just the hardware. 

thanks all, I appreciate it. I can't wait until they're released!

. . .shawn

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