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David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 27 10:01:26 CET 2008

I was reading about the software will be implemented
on OM in the wiki and I found that

I was thinking about gps and usb host capabilities of
the Neo Freerunner, and that nearby any digital photo
camera is recogniced as usb mass storage so if you
plug a digital camera to the usb port of the neo we
can geomark writing the exif information in the

To be able to do this a gps traker log has to be
recorded previously on the neo (for sure this will be
a default feature on the neo) , the digital camera has
to be time syncroniced with the neo (any digital
camera can change his hour/date in the setup) and
that's all!!!, because there is software already
developed and GPLed that can do the rest


Can do the matching on the gps data loged (GPX
format)and the exif time information of the picture
and writes the gps data in the exif tag of the picture

Able to translate any Gps format(including raw NMEA
0183 sentences) to a lot of other formats (GPX

Library to read/write exif information 

So the "only" work to do is to integrate all this in
the Picture Viewer maybe with some scripting or
directily ind the Picture viewer code.

This can make the neo a very usefull companion to any
digital camera.

Once the Picture Viewer development is more advanced I
will  like to be involved to include this feature to

So I got a few questions,

Any usb issue known? I gess the 100mA power usb host
will be enough to use whit the camera (maybe not to
charge the battery but to read/write the photos)

I have to edit the wiki page to include this feature
in the picture viewer or  first it has to be discussed
here to know if the community wants it or not?

Is the picture viewer the real place to do that? If
the picture viewer can select and perform
actions(rotate,delete,...)can add geocatch action to
them. But any othe idea that simplifies the procces
will be wellcome

An geocatch deamon to automatic geocath the picures
once   the camera is pluged on the neo if gps data in
this time frame is available is a complementary

24 hour of gps data log how big (in bytes or
multiples) can be? I have no expercience with gps
tracking  so I hope I have not said any "no sense"

Keep on going, guys/girls!!! 


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