FW: FAX2PDF with OpenMoko?

Martin fredthecat at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 10:05:47 CET 2008

Someone wrote:

>>> Never ever will a GSM module be a G3 Fax. (IMHO)
>>> And everything else is just hell. Fax and software don't go well 

>>> I don't thing this idea has potential. Out source the problem to any 
>>> provider and let others feel the pain.
>>> Fax is dead.

and someone wrote:

>>> Sending analog FAX over a GSM line will not offer good results if it 
>>> works at all. GSM codec is optimized for transmitting voice. The 
>>> characteristics of GSM and the characteristics required by FAX is 
>>> completely different.

It appears quite common for GSM modems to support fax over CSD at speeds 
up to 9.6kbps.

When I had a Sony p800 a good few years ago, it came with a fully fledged 
fax send and receive service.

Normally, you need a separate "fax" mobile number (see 

See previous posts from a year ago that discuss this and seem indicate 
that this is feasible.


This functionality would be useful in the UK because not all companies 
even use email yet, and some still require written communication.



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