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Schmidt András asch at freemail.hu
Wed Feb 27 11:19:44 CET 2008

David Samblas Martinez wrote:
> 24 hour of gps data log how big (in bytes or
> multiples) can be? I have no expercience with gps
> tracking  so I hope I have not said any "no sense"
> idea 
That's easy to count. Let's say you log 100 bytes every second (that's 
more than enough for longitude, latitude, timestamp, velocity, height 
and some satellite information). Then that will be 60*60*24*100=8640000 
bytes for a whole day. That's about 9M. If you just need location and 
timestamp then it is 16-20 bytes per sample and can be dramatically 
compacted using differential encoding.

If you are interested in Geocaching you should check the Yama map viewer 
It has an online Demo applet here: http://yamamap.org/demo.php

Schmidt András

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