GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

Andre Lanvermann andre at
Thu Feb 28 15:52:09 CET 2008

Oooh, the it seems i missunderstood the previous Messages. I was sure 
that there is NO Charger
for the NEO Except the USB Port of a Computer. Im sorry :(



joerg schrieb:
> Am Do  28. Februar 2008 schrieb Andre Lanvermann:
>> I read the Archives and found this Topic. I own a T-Mobile MDA Vario. 
>> The device is
>> charged via USB too. And theay included an USB Wallcharger. Have anybody 
>> allready checked
>> this charger?
>> Device Data:
>> Delta Electronics inc.
>> AC Adapter HTC P/N: 79H00051-02M
>> Model: ADP-5FH C
>> Input: 100-240V~ 0,2A 50-60hz
>> Output: 5V = 1A LPS
>> Frequency Level 4
> What i've learned so far:
> The strange thing with USB-charger is a resistor of certain Ohms (47k IIRC) 
> that's supposed to connect 2 pins of the charger's plug "to identify 
> OM-charger".
> I can't say whether this is standard for USB-chargers, or what will happen 
> when NEO doesn't sense this resistor on USB-power detection.
> Charging seems to be controlled by the main CPU via PCU-chip. If there's no 
> CPU control e.g. due to completely flat accu, only a very low secure trickle 
> charge takes place (->"if you can't power on your NEO, connect to USB and try 
> again after ~30 min..."). There are chances this will be the same for missing 
> resistor, depending on what logic is in the "driver".
> Maybe one of the devs may shed some more light on this.
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