GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

Bobby Martin bobbymartin2 at
Thu Feb 28 17:19:02 CET 2008

In case some of you aren't on the device owners list I posted this to
before, I created a script that will detect when you're plugged into a
charger that's causing a slow (100mA) charge and will ask if you want
to do fast charge instead.

Examples of such chargers include a car charger, the usb port on a
Windows computer without the Neo inf installed, etc.


I created a script to monitor for slow charge and pop up a gui asking
if you want to switch to fast charge mode.  The default instructions
install the script and an init.d script to start & stop it, as well as
links to make the daemon start automatically.

The page telling how to install is

>From the page:
What it does

Your neo will detect when it is charging slowly and pop up a gui to
ask if you want to switch to fast charge mode. It will take a few
seconds to detect that you are charging slowly.


checkFastCharge will remember if you select slow charge and not ask
you again. If you accidentally selected slow charge, unplug the neo
from the charger for several seconds, then plug it back in. Next time
the script checks, it will ask again if you want slow or fast charge.

When you select fast charge, the script goes through a confirmation
sequence, because fast charge can be dangerous for your hardware if
the charger doesn't support 500 mA or more. Just click 'Confirm' four
times to confirm that you want to go into fast charge mode.

Let me know if you see obvious improvements, or if you want to make an
ipkg of it (I will eventually do so myself...), or if you know a
better place for me to host the download.

> Am Do  28. Februar 2008 schrieb Andre Lanvermann:
>  > I read the Archives and found this Topic. I own a T-Mobile MDA Vario.
>  > The device is
>  > charged via USB too. And theay included an USB Wallcharger. Have anybody
>  > allready checked
>  > this charger?
>  >
>  >
>  > Device Data:
>  > Delta Electronics inc.
>  > AC Adapter HTC P/N: 79H00051-02M
>  > Model: ADP-5FH C
>  > Input: 100-240V~ 0,2A 50-60hz
>  > Output: 5V = 1A LPS
>  > Frequency Level 4
>  What i've learned so far:
>  The strange thing with USB-charger is a resistor of certain Ohms (47k IIRC)
>  that's supposed to connect 2 pins of the charger's plug "to identify
>  OM-charger".
>  I can't say whether this is standard for USB-chargers, or what will happen
>  when NEO doesn't sense this resistor on USB-power detection.
>  Charging seems to be controlled by the main CPU via PCU-chip. If there's no
>  CPU control e.g. due to completely flat accu, only a very low secure trickle
>  charge takes place (->"if you can't power on your NEO, connect to USB and try
>  again after ~30 min..."). There are chances this will be the same for missing
>  resistor, depending on what logic is in the "driver".
>  Maybe one of the devs may shed some more light on this.
>  jOERG

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