PMU user manual

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Fri Feb 29 04:33:49 CET 2008

The link in wiki for PCF50606(GTA01) is broken - seems Philips not only 
dicontinued the chip, but also the docs for it.
I found exactly one source:

For PCF50633(GTA02) there obviously never was a public datasheet/user manual 
(at least i found 2 years old postings asking for it), only a broken/empty 
link on manufacturers site. :-(
Please can anybody give a pointer to these docs, or even upload them to the 
Think it would be a hard job for the community to improve power management, 
without detailed specs of the Power Management Unit...
A nice example for open drivers worth nothing without hw-spec (ref: other 
thread about proprietary firmware)


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