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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> The link in wiki for PCF50606(GTA01) is broken - seems Philips not only 
> dicontinued the chip, but also the docs for it.
> I found exactly one source:
> For PCF50633(GTA02) there obviously never was a public datasheet/user manual 
> (at least i found 2 years old postings asking for it), only a broken/empty 
> link on manufacturers site. :-(
> Please can anybody give a pointer to these docs, or even upload them to the 
> wiki? 
> Think it would be a hard job for the community to improve power management, 
> without detailed specs of the Power Management Unit...
> A nice example for open drivers worth nothing without hw-spec (ref: other 
> thread about proprietary firmware)

All I can say is it is marked up "Company Confidential" so I can't put
it anywhere without some authorization, otherwise you'd be welcome.

I cc'd Wolfgang who is out and about at the moment in case he has some
better knowledge about any agreement with NXP.

Obviously it is okay to make enums and defines and comments in the
sources... maybe if you have a specific question I can help, but I agree
that sucks compared to printing out the datasheet.

- -Andy
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