Idea of a voice mail application

Peter Trapp openmoko at
Fri Feb 29 17:59:35 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

I thought about the possibility of a voice mail installed on the neo.  The 
idea is to let the application decide if you are reachable for the caller or 
not. The decision will be done on profiles (time, who is calling, what to do 
(let it ring or answer directly) ). 

Saturday 10:00pm and your boss is calling (and you have a signal)
Neo is aware that it is "weekend" and who is calling. It just turns on the 
voice mail... 

Dear Boss, actually it is weekend and I just don't want to get some work right 
now. Sorry, my neo will not even inform me that you've called. So don't try 
again later. It would not help until Monday 9am! Have a nice weekend

  --- without the possibility to leave a message      ;) 

Or another example:
A friend <name> is calling but you just do not hear the phone. Neo waits a 
couple of seconds and turns on the voice mail saying:

"Hi <name>, sorry it seems I just do not hear my mobile. Leave a message or 
try again in a few minutes...   *cheep*

Any additional ideas / thoughts?

I will help in realizing this application but I just do not have enough time 
to do it alone. Any takers?


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