Idea of a voice mail application

Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge at
Fri Feb 29 19:57:40 CET 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 9:59 AM, Peter Trapp <openmoko at> wrote:
>  I thought about the possibility of a voice mail installed on the neo.  The
>  idea is to let the application decide if you are reachable for the caller or
>  not. The decision will be done on profiles (time, who is calling, what to do
>  (let it ring or answer directly) ).

I proposed that on another thread.  I think it's doable, and there is
software to do it already (asterisk, vgetty, some alternatives to
asterisk that I haven't explored yet).  But since the call is being
answered, some minutes are going to be paid for (in the US the
recipient pays and elsewhere the caller pays).  It would be nice to
get the cooperation of the carrier to do stuff like this, but good
luck negotiating with them.

I think there is an AT command to reject a call, right?  So you could
send incoming calls directly to your carrier's voicemail service,
based on time of day and caller ID etc., but you couldn't customize
the voicemail; it would be the same for everyone.

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