Idea of a voice mail application

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Fri Feb 29 21:15:35 CET 2008

Am Fr  29. Februar 2008 schrieb Dean Collins:
> Lol then you didn't actually visit the Iotum site then.
> Nope your tv remote isn't going to be assigning real time relevance
> ratings to inbound calls based on current status information.

I already did exactly this kinda stuff the OP mentioned, back in ancient times 
with a 486DX50, or was it even a 386/40, and an ISDN-card. (some limited 
function version even with a 28k-modem). Processor load never exceeded some 
20%. So YES, i think my TV-RC _has_ the CPU power to do this (it's a smart 
one - even programmable. Plays back recorded data streams realtime ;) 
And no, neither the RC nor I have any idea of "assigning real time relevance 
ratings to inbound calls", all was just a matter of `case $NR in 123) 
file=FY.wav; 234) file=hi.wav; esac` in a simple shellscript.
And no, i really didn't visit the site you mentioned. What to learn there?

BTW: i love the idea of a local voice-msgbox. You can listen msgs realtime and 
intercept whenever you feel like.


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