Idea of a voice mail application

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Fri Feb 29 23:47:52 CET 2008

joerg ha scritto:
> I already did exactly this kinda stuff the OP mentioned, back in 
> ancient times
> [snip]
> And no, neither the RC nor I have any idea of "assigning real time relevance 
> ratings to inbound calls", all was just a matter of `case $NR in 123) 
> file=FY.wav; 234) file=hi.wav; esac` in a simple shellscript.
> And no, i really didn't visit the site you mentioned. What to learn there?
Well my 6600 do that quite well with a small program, my moto a1000 has 
it inside the firmware so the neo should be ok to do that, it's 
something like
123123123 is calling
look if there is a profile
if no then apply the actual general profile
if yes apply the profile
sould i answer?
no -> hang up
wait 20 secs then yes , play the message and get the "voice mail"
yes, play the message and hang up or take the "voice mail"

The messages recorded are stored on the sd card and could be browsed, 
the message that the caller would listen could be an audio file or a 
text rendered with espeak :D
In italy the caller will pay for the call but the recipient no, as a 
recipient if the caller will leave the message on the carrier message 
box (don't know how to translate, pardon) i have to call it and listen 
the messages in a sloooow and bad way, paying for the call.

> BTW: i love the idea of a local voice-msgbox. You can listen msgs realtime and 
> intercept whenever you feel like.
Me too!


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