Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

andy selby andyfrommk at
Tue Jan 1 19:36:40 CET 2008

>My image togehter with the kernel uImage can be downloaded from here:


>regards gxl

I've got a problem with that image, the contents of my sd card must
have been erased when I flashed the image and when i reupload the
files to it they don't show up on the neo but ssh'ing  shows they are
Trying to mount the sd card says it doesn't recognise vfat as a
filesystem, was the kernel compiled with vfat enabled?
Can the sd card be formatted while in the neo? mkfs.ext3 says
/media/card is not a block special device.
and comes up with this error message when i proceed

mkfs.ext3: Device size reported to be zero.  Invalid partition specified, or
        partition table wasn't reread after running fdisk, due to
        a modified partition being busy and in use.  You may need to reboot
        to re-read your partition table.

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