Neo faulty?

Nicolas Linkert linkert at
Tue Jan 1 20:35:59 CET 2008


I've used the Neo (last revision, with latest OpenMoko or qt images) now
for almost one month. When fully charged, I can use the Neo for several
hours. I often use it only for one hour and then I shut it off
completely. The next day I try to power it on - with no success at all.
I have to charge the device again for some time (30 minutes), take out
the battery, put it in, try again, take out the battery again and so on.
And then - then! - I can finally power it on once again. I fully realize
that it's not the final hardware version, but this behavior of the
device simply cannot be the way it's intended.

Or is this the way your Neo devices operate???

Best regards,

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