Gilles Casse gcasse at
Wed Jan 2 10:04:28 CET 2008

Bartlomiej Zdanowski [Zdanek] wrote:
> Any chances to implement speech syntethiser to read the text? I think 
> there's a one on OpenEmbedded.

Hi Bartlomiej!

Thanks for mentioning this.

Yes, in the short term, a talking text reader can be written: it would 
open a document, and then read it.

The most attractive would be to implement the accessibility middleware 
(atk/at-spi from the GAP project), welcoming then alternative rendering 
solutions (screen reader, magnifier,..). We could then imagine to point 
a smallish paragraph and see it displayed instantaneoulsy full screen.

Regarding the TTS, yes, Flite, a light English TTS, is already in 

Btw, we hope also to propose our bitbake recipes for eSpeak and 
Speech-dispatcher. The current integration is available in mokotts:

eSpeak has been customized to include a PulseAudio driver. Another 
alternative is to use Alsa (Pulse/Alsa can be selected in the Speech 
dispatcher conf file).

Best regards,

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