noise while making a phone call: hardware or software?

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Fri Jan 4 01:32:30 CET 2008

>From what I can tell the noise comes and goes.  When I'm in a good signal
area I really don't hear it but when I'm in a bad signal area it's very
loud.  I asked Lorn Potter what he thought and he said it was probably a
software issue.  Although I'm not too sure because I get the same sound if I
set the phone next to my computer speakers.  So maybe the case is that the
microphone is too close to the GSM modem or the connection from the
microphone to the board isn't shielded well enough.

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Subject: noise while making a phone call: hardware or software? 

As we all know, during a call with GTA01 noise is heard in the speaker. 
I know this has been discussed in the past and I thought someone had 
found a soft way to solve this. One of the settings in the mixer was too 
high or something like that.

I've been searching for this item but all I can find is bug # 883, which 
says it's a hardware issue, interference making its way into the GSM 
audio path one way or another.

Does anyone recall any software explanation for this?


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