noise while making a phone call: hardware or software?

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sat Jan 5 00:38:03 CET 2008

Am Fr  4. Januar 2008 schrieb Michael Shiloh:
> I will also copy the ideas that came out of this discussion into the
> bug. Richard, Lorn, Joerg, would you rather do this yourselves?

I've been sending to you an email some weeks ago, offering my help 
in "debugging"/improving GTA02 hw (the battery 1-pin issue e.g.), and asking 
why there are no circuit diagrams of supposedly SO open GTA02 (i know for 
GTA01 there is told to be a silly NDA), to allow community to participate and 
contribute in development with ideas to improve hw of next device. Obviously 
this mail got lost in your spamfilter or /dev/null.
I mentioned the topic of circuit diagrams another time in my prev. posting you 
answered on - alas again no response of yours on that.

I do not own a GTA01 (nor am i eager to, with GTA02 in vicinity), i do not 
have circuit diagrams for any of the GTAs to do a serious helpful work on 
this or any other hw-related topic. And i do not think any of the remarks of 
mine on GSM-noise-issue are beyond what any average gifted hw-developer knows 
by heart. 
So i do not feel entitled nor am i enthusiastic to contribute to bug #883 
(which admittedly i've read _after_ my prev posting, otherwise i probably 
would not have sent anything at all - it's all there already).
Anyway you're free to copy my posting to #883 or wherever you like. Or to 
contact me directly to offer any kind of agreement so i might ``join the 
team'' for results worth the time.


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