New screen?

Joshua Layne joshua at
Sun Jan 6 02:55:31 CET 2008

Matthew S. Hamrick wrote:
> Actually...
> I'm pretty sure this is the same screen we're using on the "myPhone" 
> project, and it's actually quite usable.
> The 4.3" 480x272 has the advantages that:
>     * it's a tad cheaper than the 3.8" 640x480 screen, way cheaper in 
> volume
>     * it has slightly better color
>     * there seems to be a metric butt-load of them in the supply chain
* it is widescreen (16x9) :P
> I finally got mplayer working on my myPhone (albeit only for a few 
> seconds at a time), and it's actually quite a nice screen for videos.
not that I don't have enough projects, but google is giving a lot of 
stuff that I don't think is the myphone project - I know it is a bit off 
topic for this list, but could you send me a link to the 'home'?

Much appreciated.

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