Fred and Kristen Adelman, Idaho Mountain Sports Store Designs New Rocker Link

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Fred and Kristen Adelman, Idaho Mountain Sports Store Designs New Rocker

Orofino, ID (PRWeb) February 2, 2007 -- Mountain Motor Sports owner Dennis
Browning had some trouble riding his performance Yamaha bike when with his
kids. The kids moved at a slower pace, so Browning's feet needed to touch
the ground more often. At 5'9", Browning had a difficult time reaching the
ground. He no longer has this problem.

Browning and two Mountain Motor Sports technicians designed a modified
rocker link that lowers the seat height of a motorcycle 1.5 inches. Sterling
Machine of Lewiston, Idaho machines the links.

Five links were made the first go around. Browning gave four of the links to
customers "who are a little on the short side" to try out and give feedback.
Browning put a link on his bike and started racing with it to test for
product durability.

After testing, the only criticism was Browning's. "It lowered the bike's
clearance and thus made it more susceptible to high centering in ruts. But
that's not what we made it for. Even though it is made of T6 511 billet
aluminum and is manufactured to withstand the rigors of cross-country
racing, it was developed for the trail rider who is a little vertically
challenged and wants to put a foot on the ground a little easier. After all,
when you're racing, if your feet are on the ground, you're going too slow."

Browning says he's had numerous other responses from people who are using
the link while racing who are doing well. They say that by having the link
on their bike, it has given them more confidence to go faster.

Mountain Motor Sports has been selling the link for just over a year and now
has dealers around the world.
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