Very basic and fundamental question about the Neo

Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Mon Jan 7 13:53:26 CET 2008

Wiadomość napisana w dniu Jan 6, 2008, o godz 11:12 PM, przez Tim  

> Hallo,
> * Nicolas Linkert <linkert at> [06-01-08 20:15]:
>> that'd be another important question: Do you think I'd need a GTA02  
>> in
>> order to get a fully working battery? I mean I am not really that  
>> much
>> interested in the additional features of GTA02, so I'd be satisfied  
>> with
>> GTA01. However, if that  power management issue is handled very
>> differently in GTA02 I'd be forced to buy a new device ... Or am I
>> thinking along the wrong lines?
> I have read some pages from CPU doku and i think there isn't much work
> to be done, because main thinks are allready there but they don't have
> enough glue.

As I see it you should focus on standby mode. I read somewhere that  
this is not fully functional due to hardware issue (wrong resistor  
near GSM chipset) and is difficult to fix. Is that true? If so that  
would mean that GTA01 would never be realy usable :(


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