Openmoko wallpaper

Vincent imnotb at
Wed Jan 9 10:20:07 CET 2008

On 08/01/2008, Marcel <tanuva at> wrote:
> I have uploaded the xcf file with the original layers in it and a second
> png
> version with a more solid logo.
> The "more-solidness" was acquired by simply putting 2 or three of the
> logo/text layers above each other - so it can be customized fairly simple.
> Marcel

Thanks, I've played around with it a bit: (Select "More sizes..." on the
right for, well, more sizes ;-)

You can download the Gimp file here:
(If it's OK with Marcel, that's under a CC-BY-SA license, and I wouldn't
mind if you dropped the "BY" ;-)

And yes, I realize the logo on their isn't very sharp, but I didn't really
feel like putting too much effort in it.

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