Community update, January 2, 2008

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at
Wed Jan 9 15:58:23 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm going to ask possibly a simple question, but one that's quite
important to me and the company I work for.

FreeRunner is due for release at the end of Spring, but which Spring
is this? East Asia? US? Europe?

I'm in the UK and greatly looking forward to the FreeRunner, but we're
not even into the worst of Winter yet.



On 03/01/2008, Michael Shiloh <michael at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Next week at CES we will formally preview GTA02 to the public. We are
> doing this at an invitation-only media event, and not the general show
> floor.
> To coincide with this we are sending out a press release tomorrow morning.
> The bulk of the press release discusses the hardware features of GTA02,
> of which you are all well aware. I would like to let you know of two new
> items:
> 1. GTA02 is given a name: FreeRunner
> 2. We think that FreeRunner will be available in spring. This is based
> on our estimation of what remains to be done with regards to hardware
> testing and software test.
> We will be showing a prototype of GTA02 hardware, aimed at software
> developers. It is not consumer-ready software. To quote the press
> release: "The FreeRunner will be previewed at CES and ship later this
> spring-- first to developers and then to end users as software for the
> new hardware features becomes available."
> Other minor updates:
> We still have not received the signed agreement from TI allowing you to
> upgrade your own GSM firmware, so those of you who need the new firmware
> in order to use your SIM card should allow me to do it for you. Contact
> me off-list for my shipping address: michael at
> Want to help us close bugs? We have made a massive attempt to sort the
> bugs in Bugzilla. A host of bugs that need work are owned by me
> (michael at and community participation on these is
> particularly welcome. Some need to be fixed, some need to be confirmed
> fixed or not reproducible, and others need a decision as to whether they
> are worth fixing or not. Take a look at these bugs and let me know if
> any speak to you.
> That's all for now. If any of you will be at CES drop me a line and
> we'll see if we can connect. We have a pretty busy schedule but I will
> especially try to make time to see OpenMoko community members.
> Best wishes,
> Michael
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