Openmoko wallpaper

Marcel tanuva at
Wed Jan 9 16:15:41 CET 2008

Your one looks nice, the street light seems much lighter with the increased 
contrast - and I would choose the same license model (CC-BY-SA), thats 
totally okay.

You're right, the picture itself doesn't really have to do much with openmoko, 
though you could interprete the cars as a metaphor for mobility. I just 
wanted to share it with you (the colors f.e. match quite nicely). :)

Yes, it's really big. But I don't have any png compression applied to it, if I 
downsize the image a bit and compress it, then it could become way smaller. 
I'll see what I can achieve and put the result up.

BTW, the logo and word are on the wiki already, I took them from there.


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