Openmoko wallpaper

Marcel tanuva at
Wed Jan 9 16:36:07 CET 2008

Am Mittwoch 09 Januar 2008 16:10:59 schrieb Maciej Kaniewski:
> Why you removed moon (i think it was a moon or shg strange above lamp)

That was a really strange reflection that seems to occur in the lens for some 
reason - a fat yellowish blot about 5x the size of the lamp's flare.

> why you left black shapeless thing in the middle of the picture just up to
> the lamp

I don't really see what you mean but it might be the reflection of the roof of 
the car passing by. Why should I remove this, its just belonging there...

> btw too much noise on black (to big iso ?)

Yes, the noise isn't optimal, but at ~75% of the original size its nearly 
invisible - if someone really wants to use the picture in its original size, 
I could try and lower the noise, but it's not that easy imho...

> i would cut it a bit on right to remove bright red window and this blueish
> roof, to make building disapear in to darkness. 

That's a good idea - I'm also going to make the one white window (light was 
turned on in that room, too much for that shutter time.) black then.


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