Community update, January 2, 2008

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Jan 10 01:51:45 CET 2008

Jeff Bailes wrote:
>> FreeRunner is due for release at the end of Spring, but which Spring
>> is this? East Asia? US? Europe?
> 	I have to say, spring is a bad description of when FreeRunner will be
> released, though from my knowledge East Asia, the US and Europe all have spring
> at the same time +- 24 hours.  I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be spring in the
> southern hemisphere since that's still ten and a half months away.

Amen.  Using seasons for describing milestones (a common US behaviour)
or even worse using holidays (e.g. we'll release that by Thanksgiving),
is always the *wrong* thing to do.

-- Rod (who is south of the equator, and also on a half-hour timezone)

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