Power Management on Neo1973

Nicolas Linkert linkert at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 10 10:47:10 CET 2008


I sent this to FIC:

before I do that [send my device back to FIC and exchange it], 
I'll need to find out the following:

"I have been following the improving power management conversation on
the IRC logs and on this list but am still not clear if it is only a
software problem (suspend issues, devices not shutting off when being
etc.)or there are Major hardware issues involved (I am talking about the
Gta1 devices not FreeRunner). Could someone from OM or FIC clarify

"I am not from fic or OM, but from what I can tell (I developed the Neo 
parts of Qtopia), power management issues are hardware related, 
otherwise Qtopia would suspend/resume perfectly, as it does on the 
Greenphone and other handsets Qtopia comes with."

This appeared yesterday/today on one of the the OpenMoko mailing lists
(Community). IF the answer to the question is correct, then there's no
need to exchange my phone - it simply won't improve then. But IF that is
the case, then I would like to give my phone back. 

Hope someone from FIC can clear this up.

The answer I got:

"The answer is correct."

So the GTA01 will in fact never be usable as a phone. Too bad. And some
EUR 300,00 wasted ...

Best regards,

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