Power Management on Neo1973

Nicolas Linkert linkert at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 10 11:20:04 CET 2008


I certainly know that. But it says:

- proper power management (i.e. no reasonable battery life yet)

There is this tiny "yet". It suggests that it - the GTA01 - is going to
have a reasonable battery life in the future. And that's not going to be
the case.

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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:02:47 +0000, "Maciej Kaniewski"
<maciej.kaniewski at gmail.com> said:
> Hi,
> from openmoko.com shop page :
> WARNING: Developers only! Please note that the OpenMoko products are not
> meant for the end user and explicitly marked as Developer preview at this
> time. Read this wiki
> article<http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Developer_preview>to find more
> technical details of what you can and cannot expect of these
> devices.
> ... and when you follow the link you can find
> ...
> What you *CAN NOT* expect yet
>    - reliable means of making phone calls, esp. not from the UI
>    - reliable means of sending/receiving SMS, esp. not from the UI
>    - integrated GPRS data access
>    - bluetooth integration (basic bluez driver works)
>    - proper power management (i.e. no reasonable battery life yet)
>    - ringtone (or other) profile management
>    - network preferences (call deflection, manual operator selection,
>    ...)
>    - a complete application framework where third party application
>    developers can write apps that easily integrate with the OpenMoko
>    world
> As far as i know you had to agree with that  when you bought the phone
> Maciej

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