Power Management on Neo1973

herve couvelard herve.couvelard at viva-vous.net
Thu Jan 10 11:37:35 CET 2008

Robin Paulson wrote:
> On 10/01/2008, Maciej Kaniewski <maciej.kaniewski at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  What you CAN NOT expect yet
>>  reliable means of making phone calls, esp. not from the UI
>>  reliable means of sending/receiving SMS, esp. not from the UI
>>  integrated GPRS data access
>>  bluetooth integration (basic bluez driver works)
>>  proper power management (i.e. no reasonable battery life yet)
>>  ringtone (or other) profile management
>>  network preferences (call deflection, manual operator selection, ...)
>>  a complete application framework where third party application developers
>> can write apps that easily integrate with the OpenMoko world
>> As far as i know you had to agree with that  when you bought the phone
> the word 'yet' is very telling. it strongly implies it will be there
> at some point. if it's a hardware bug, it'll never be fixed

I agree with that. The feeling i had when i read what was said on the 
page was : the firmware and software are not ready but the hardware is.

If not the wording should have been :
" What you CAN NOT expect".

I postponed buying the neo, because the things i would do with it will 
include networking (wifi) and i would really like to play with 
'accelerometers'. But reading the presentation i was sure that hardware 
was, for that version "usable".

i have some fears to buy gta2 that would be the "hardware test for gta03 
-the_real_version) or maybe gta04 ?


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