Power Management on Neo1973

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Thu Jan 10 11:56:42 CET 2008

> I postponed buying the neo, because the things i would do with it  
> will include networking (wifi) and i would really like to play with  
> 'accelerometers'. But reading the presentation i was sure that  
> hardware was, for that version "usable".

A good example what I mean in my previous post. A GTA02 (or GTA01.5)  
with working accelerometers to play with could already be reason  
enough to buy it. Even if some other part (e.g. WLAN, the new GPS  
chip etc.) is not working. So you would probably already have bought  
one in December (if it were available).

I think, OM should probably change the strategy and produce new  
devices (in smaller quantities) as soon as they have something  
working (and not to wait for everything being perfect).

> i have some fears to buy gta2 that would be the "hardware test for  
> gta03 -the_real_version) or maybe gta04 ?

There will always come something new. After the gta04 comes a gta05  
making the gta04 a hardware test for it.

We as the users and customers, probably should change our view and  
not expect a perfect device from OM but that they rapidly improve  
features. There will then always be some 10% new hardware features  
that won't work. Or not perfectly - but 90% to play with.

If market introduction slips away even more, there will be other  
devices available (Androids?) which already provide what had been  
targeted for the gta02 - and then there will never be a gta03.

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