Power Management on Neo1973

Ben Wilson ben at abcom.co.nz
Thu Jan 10 12:00:18 CET 2008

I think your jumping the gun quite a bit

All we know at the moment is that there *is* a hardware bug.
We dont know;
 A) If the hardware bug is bypassable in software

 B) If the hardware is fixable by us. I did read somewhere that it was 
an 'incorrect resistor' problem. If this is true
and the resistor is somewhere easy to get at then changing it shouldn't 
be a problem for any experience electronics person.

 C) How much the bug actually effects the battery life. You are blaming 
the current short battery life entirely on this bug.
There is probably still areas of software power management that haven't 
been done/finished yet.

 D) If it really matters. I would expect a phone like the neo to run for 
about a week in standby.
If the hardware bug shortens this to a final standby time of say 3 days 
then so what,
some brand new 3G phones only get that.

The software isn't finished yet, until it is we wont know the true 
standby time
(fyi. I got 9 hours standby from one of the buildhost moko builds the 
other day, dunno how that compares with
everyone else)

In my opinion  GTA01 is, and always was, a phone to develop applications on
not use as your everyday phone. That's what GTA02 is for :)


Robin Paulson wrote:
> the word 'yet' is very telling. it strongly implies it will be there
> at some point. if it's a hardware bug, it'll never be fixed

Nicolas Linkert wrote:
> So the GTA01 will in fact never be usable as a phone. Too bad. And some
> EUR 300,00 wasted ...
> Best regards,
> Nicolas

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