Power Management on Neo1973

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Nicolas Linkert schrieb:
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>> If you then calculate a 1200mAh battery and assume only 20mA total
>> standby drain this will "only" give you 60h or a little less than 3
>> days. If we could get this down to a total of 10mA, which is IMHO
>> realistic, this would already give you 5 days of standby. This is still
>> not very good but acceptable.
> 5 days would be acceptable, I think
>> So buttomline is I would not see it *that* black. Let's hope for the new
>> modem firmware since the modem is currently the biggest standby current
>> eater.
> How do you apply the modem firmware? Can I do this myself? Or is this a
> case of sending the device to FIC and thye're doing it for me? 

That is currently sorted out... OpenMoko people are negptiating
licensing agreements and contracts for this so that end users can do the
upgrade themselves.

Stay tuned!

And please do get my message right - it is my *hope* that the new
firmware will also improve PM since PM issues of the GSM are know to be
caused by the firmware. There is no confirmation of this potential fix.

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