Community update, January 2, 2008

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Jan 10 19:08:12 CET 2008

We agree.

OpenMoko does not want to reflect any bias towards or against anyone.

We thought we were doing a pretty good job. We carefully avoid using 
USA- or Christian-centric words like "Christmas" and "Thanksgiving", but 
  our use of the word "spring" slipped right by.

Fortunately we have a watchful community to catch our mistakes as 
quickly as possible! Please continue to let me know if we make such 
mistakes in the future.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Rod Whitby wrote:
> Jeff Bailes wrote:
>>> FreeRunner is due for release at the end of Spring, but which Spring
>>> is this? East Asia? US? Europe?
>> 	I have to say, spring is a bad description of when FreeRunner will be
>> released, though from my knowledge East Asia, the US and Europe all have spring
>> at the same time +- 24 hours.  I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be spring in the
>> southern hemisphere since that's still ten and a half months away.
> Amen.  Using seasons for describing milestones (a common US behaviour)
> or even worse using holidays (e.g. we'll release that by Thanksgiving),
> is always the *wrong* thing to do.
> -- Rod (who is south of the equator, and also on a half-hour timezone)
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