Power Management on Neo1973

Tim Niemeyer tim.niemeyer at mastersword.de
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Hallo Shawn,

* Shawn Rutledge <shawn.t.rutledge at gmail.com> [10-01-08 14:19]:
> Well what's the best uptime on battery that has been seen so far, with
> unmodified phones and with an existing software image?  I see less
> than 20 minutes when I'm trying to just use it as a GPS (logging track
> points).  GSM talk time ought to even be longer than that, but this is
> without being connected - just sitting there idle.  And as others have
> observed, if it is in more of a standby state, you still get mere
> hours at best, right?  5 days seems wildly optimistic to me, but if
> it's achieved it would be better than the average "smart" phone (all
> OS's included).
with actual battery you need to minimize the power consumption to 10mA for 5h lifetime!

When i was GPS logging for OSM (Navit with map input from it's own
output, was very nice), neo runs easily several hours!

Today, i played a bit with power measurement and standby.
It was very surprising, and the actual power was very different from time
to time. Sometimes neo booted and did draw about 400mA in idle. Sometimes only
In Standby mode it was exacly the same, but most the time it tooks
~80-95mA. Sometimes only 65mA!
One time the neo did draw only about 20mA! Don't know what was
different: booted -> standby -> 20mA! I think this 20mA was drawn by the

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