community update, Thursday, January 10, 2008

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Thu Jan 10 22:43:32 CET 2008

> Although it would be nice to take advantage of this faster processor, 3 
 > problems make this impractical


If I'm reading your message correctly, the GTA02 will indeed have a 
500MHz processor, but will not be running at 500MHz because of the three 
problems you outlined, is that correct?

Does this mean you will be slowing the CPU to 400MHz, or some other 
speed, or will you only know the answer once more testing has been done?

Your description of problem 2 makes it sound like memory access will be 
slower, at 83MHz, if running the CPU at full speed because of the memory 
bus speed, instead of the anticipated 100MHz, is that correct? Does 
anyone there anticipate that this 17% decrease in memory access speed 
will be noticeable to the end user? What's the memory access speed on 
the GTA01?


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