Brandon Kruse admteamkruz at
Thu Jan 10 22:56:49 CET 2008

Good luck easily hacking over a GPRS connection. Make your password  
longer than 6 characters, a ban after retry attempts, take it off port  
22 and that will save 95% of attacks from script kiddies. (everything  
I listed is controllable on sshd_config, I believe)

Just imho it helps, opinion and experience :)

But overall, I agree, but your privileges are only as safe as your  
(eg when you run a socket based process as root, you trust it.)

However, you make a good point :)

Kde and gnome take that precaution with gtk based Sudo when you login  
as a normal user (at least in debian/ubuntu) and I like that method.


On Jan 10, 2008, at 3:43 PM, Denis <shulyaka at> wrote:

> But as far as I understand it's not secure, esp. for a device with
> wi-fi, bluetooth, gprs and running ssh daemon! Linux gives us a great
> power of user privilegies management but we waste it. Woldn't it be
> better to run everything as an unprivileged user, or at least ask for
> password at first run time?
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