Openmoko wallpaper

Marcel tanuva at
Fri Jan 11 16:08:25 CET 2008

The original image (no blackened moon, it's a lens reflection) and the most 
recent of the wallpaper'd one can be seen here:

Maybe I make an even smaller jpegged one (800x600?) as a preview and one 
attaches a hires tar.gz version to it? (I don't have a wiki account yet, but 
if someone here said I should put it up in the wiki, I would create one.)


Am Freitag 11 Januar 2008 11:20:24 schrieb Peter Ruzicska:
> Please upload to your site the original image! With your sign on the
> lower right corner :) But without blackened moon.
> thanks a lot!
> speedyx86

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