community update, Thursday, January 10, 2008

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Jan 11 20:00:54 CET 2008

Hi Jay,

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> We're still testing the hardware and gathering up little issues before 
>> determining whether we need to create another version of the board. We 
>> still expect to start shipping Neo FreeRunner sometime in the next few 
>> months. As always, we can't be more specific, because we're not sure.
> As a GTA01 early-adopter and avid hacker on the platform, I simply can't 
> wait for the GTA02 to be available.  My apps are raring to go on a 
> completed phone.  So is there going to be any chance that you guys might 
> set up an "early-adopter" list, upon which we avid fanboix can place 
> ourselves, that will mean we get the phones as soon as they are 
> shipping?  I'd be willing to place a pre-order, even, for 2 of them.

We've discussed this, but have not been able to figure out a way to do 
this. For instance, it is illegal to take money before things are ready 
to ship. There are other complications. You would not believe how 
difficult it is to set up a web store for a company in Taiwan to sell 
things around the world that ship from the USA. Ask roh how much fun 
he's having setting up the web store.

> I'm 
> that much of a neo1973 gimp .. and once I've got those 2, I'd be happy 
> to get a box of 10 shipped my way for all my users, too.

For quantities of 10 or more you should talk to Steve (steve at


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