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On Jan 12, 2008 7:42 AM, Jeff Andros <jeff at> wrote:

> agreed... plus how often does a consumer ready phone get rebooted? last
> time I did mine was to swap the sim card into my neo

In my experience it is like this: Nokia phones needs to be rebooted every
week. This has been true for all Nokia phones I have used, and is also true
for the Nokia E61 I'm currently using. If not rebooted, some functions of
the phone will fail. For the E61, it suddenly starts to say "disk full" when
I try to sync email onto it. After a reboot it is fine again.
I have only used a few Sony-Ericsson phones, but they tend to only need
reboot every two weeks. My latest experience was the K710, it did all sorts
of funny things if it was not rebooted. Like - the alarm didn't work, -
outgoing calls failed, - ringing didn't work and so on.

IMO, rebooting a phone shouldn't be necessary during normal use.
I am hoping that any phone running OpenMoko will be much, much better in
this area..

Torfinn Ingolfsen
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